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General Civil Liability Insurance
Protect yourself from the consequences of your activities that can lead to damage. SAA offers you the best guarantees.

Any professional activity , results in company responsibility towards the damage caused to third parties during company operations.

By opting for the Civil Liability Policy , your company is insured during the exercise of its activity, against the financial consequences of your tort or quasi-criminal liability that your company may incur, because of injury and property damage whether at your premises or at clients, regardless:

*  If the damage results from your fact

*  Or the fact of your employees

*  Or the fact of your movable and immovable property

(See Articles 124, 135, 136, 138 and 140 of the Algerian Civil Code)

GUARANTEES OF THE OFFERDiscover the guarantees related to this offer

SAA offers the best guarantees

  •   Personal injury
  •   Material and Immaterial damage
  •   Food poisoning
  •   Elevators & lifts
  •   Fire armed Guards
  •   Guards with Watchdogs
  •   Waivers of Recourse
  •   Secured car Park
  •   Use of Explosives
  •   Net Premium of Extensions
  •   Legal Fees
ADVANTAGES OF THE OFFEROffers that meet your needs

Our Commitments

SAA Insurance offers Civil Liability OPERATION insurance, a policy with appropriate guarantees, to cover your risk damage while operating your business

This policy covers the insured against the financial consequences of the liability it may incur by third parties because of injury, material and immaterial damage caused by an accident, each time that liability is sought, directly or indirectly and for any reason, resulting from the fact of a registered activity


The + Products

  •   A well-designed coverage
  •   Your contract follows the evolution of your activity
  •   Your SAA advisor accompanies you in choosing the risks that need to be covered.